• What is 2ndLine?

    2ndLine is an app that gives you a second phone number with free calling and messaging, available on Android.

  • How does 2ndLine work?

    2ndLine uses your device's existing internet connection to text and call numbers in the US and Canada. The person you're contacting doesn't need to be a 2ndLine customer in order to receive your texts and calls or send you a text or call.

  • How do I get a number?

    When you first sign up for 2ndLine, we'll ask you to enter an area code from the US or Canada, and let you select a number from an available pool of numbers in that area code. Please note that 2ndLine only has numbers within the US and Canada. If we don't have any numbers available in your area code at the time you sign up, we'll let you select a number in the area code closest to you.

  • Can I sign up for 2ndLine outside the US or Canada?

    2ndLine is available from app stores in the US and Canada only.

  • Is texting and calling free?

    Texting and calling is free to numbers in the US and Canada. Outside the US and Canada, you can purchase international long distance credits to place calls to other countries and territories.

  • Do 2ndLine texts or calls show up on my devices regular phone bill?

    Absolutely not! 2ndLine is a VoIP service (voice over IP), and routes the calls through your device's data connection, not through your existing plan's cellular connection.

  • Can I message more than one person at a time?

    You can! 2ndLine supports group messaging - you can add more than one person to a text message from the 2ndLine app, and your contacts can add you to a group message from their carrier as well.

  • Does 2ndLine have voicemail? How do I access my voicemails?

    2ndLine does include voicemail. Unlike other carriers, we don't require you to call a special number to access your voicemails - rather, your voicemail will show up like any other text in your Conversations page. Click play on the voicemail to play it back.

  • What’s call forwarding and how does it work?

    With call forwarding, you can use your 2ndLine number to route the call to another number in the US or Canada, so that when people call your 2ndLine number it diverts the call to ring on another phone. The other phone does not have to have the 2ndLine app installed.

  • What’s ad removal?

    Ad removal will remove the banner ads that run on the free app. Ad removal will last as long as you have your Premium features activated.

  • What's phone number locking?

    The free version of 2ndLine will recycle your number after a period of inactivity. If you purchase Premium features, your current 2ndLine number won't be recycled for inactivity for as long as you have your Premium features activated.


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